Best National Parks in Russia, parks in Russia Moscow

Best National Parks in Russia, parks in Russia Moscow

Best National Parks in Russia have been listed below. There are more than 50 popular national parks in Russia. We have collected full data on the Russia park list which will help you. So check your favorite park here to visit comfortable with National Parks in Russia. If you need National Parks in Russia, So You must read the entire post. We will discuss more each park soon.

  • Alkhanay
  • Anyuysky
  • Bashkiriya
  • Beringia
  • Bikin
  • Buzuluksky Bor
  • Chavash Varmane Bor
  • Chikoy
  • Elk Island
  • Kalevalsky
  • Curonian Spit
  • Kenozersky
  • Khvalynsky
  • Land of the Leopard
  • Losiny Ostrov
  • Mariy Chodra
  • Meshchyora
  • Meschyorsky
  • Nechkinsky
  • Nizhnyaya Kama
  • Onezhskoye Pomorye
  • Orlovskoye Polesye
  • Paanajärvi
  • Pelican Point
  • Pleshcheyevo Ozero
  • Pribaikalsky
  • Pripyshminskiye Bory
  • Prielbrusye
  • Russian Arctic
  • Russky Sever
  • Samarskaya Luka
  • Saylyugemsky
  • Sebezhsky
  • Shantar Islands
  • Shorsky
  • Smolenskoye Poozerye
  • Smolny
  • Sochi
  • Taganay
  • Tarkhankut
  • Tunkinsky
  • Udegeyskaya Legenda
  • Ugra
  • Valdaysky
  • Vodlozersky
  • Yugyd Va
  • Zabaykalsky
  • Land of the Leopard
  • Zov Tigra
  • Zyuratkul


The arrival from St. Petersburg was similarly astounding in spite of the fact that I would suggest the Grand Express, which is a private train organization, over the new extravagance train vehicles of Russian Railways. Two additional spots in Moscow to prescribe: Bar Strelka, arranged on a little island skimming in the Moscow River that helped me to remember Ile Saint Louis and Ile de la Cite in Paris, where I used to remain in charming 3-star foundations feeling so fortunate to be in Paris. The Red October chocolate processing plant was nearby also, adding to the jubilant party environment of this small gliding plot of land. One final stop on Malaya Bronnaya was at List, otherwise known as the Stork, with its wide patio on the corner road just as the upper floors, give you the best of summer living in Moscow that you can ever get.

My outing finished with a Russian turn. Plan on getting myself some Omul fish roe, I went to a neighborhood market just to be advised I would need to go to the Baikal Lake to get this kind of fish roe. So I chose to search for caviar. Caviar is roe from the Sturgeon, King of Fish. I found a little glass container with the mark blue tin top for caviar and was astonished to perceive how moderate the caviar was. I realized we were in Russia, yet this was still excessively modest. I looked carefully to see this was “Simple” caviar, “no GMO included.” Figuring this might be some sort of cultivated caviar, I chose to take a risk at any rate. “Simple” caviar ended up being “mimicked” caviar, basically, trout roe recolored to look like sturgeon roe. It appeared kelp ink worked in recoloring. No stress I discovered two incredible uses for this caviar – on a morning meal blini with harsh cream, and with blessed messenger hair pasta in light margarine and oil! Yum!!!


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