Great Sandy National Park Travel Guide, Hotels & Restaurants

Great Sandy National Park Travel Guide, Hotels & Restaurants

Great Sandy National Park, you can encounter the superbness of nature’s model in the sand. Enormous ridges, transcending precipices of hued sands and wide seashores have been carved by wind and water. Tall timberlands, fragrant wildflower heaths, and paperbark swamps beautify the sands.


Beauty Of Great Sandy National Park

Water highlights proliferate, including surf, freshwater lakes, and the undisturbed upper Noosa River. Walk one of the numerous beautiful tracks to investigate places, for example, the notable Double Island Point beacon. Pack a tent to climb the two to multi-day Cooloola Wilderness Trail. Drive along Cooloola’s eastern seashore or take the Cooloola Way and Freshwater Road through tall open timberlands and heathlands.
You will require a four-wheel-drive vehicle with high freedom to appreciate driving the sand tracks or the seashore at low tide. Oar calmly through the tranquil ranges of the Upper Noosa River. Departure the rushing about with a remarkable outdoors trip. Browse an assortment of outdoors territories from well-named outdoors zones with offices to walkers’ camps with only birdsong and ocean breezes for the organization. Visit the accommodating data focuses on Tewantin and Rainbow Beach.


Location of  Great Sandy National Park

It is suggested that the augmentation to the Fraser Island World Heritage Area will incorporate the Cooloola segment of the Great Sandy National Park, the Great Sandy Strait/Tin Can Bay Ramsar Area and the Wide Bay Military Reserve, the Breaksea Spit toward the north of Fraser Island, Platypus Bay. The named zone falls between scopes 24º33’S and 26º 39’S, and longitudes 152º 48′ E and 153º 11’E. A provisional name, the Great Sandy World Heritage Area, has been embedded, yet this is dependent upon the interview.
The proposed expansion shares a large number of the estimations of the current Fraser Island World Heritage Area. Its interesting scene grandstands superlative characteristic marvels and territories of common magnificence through long seashores sponsored by high hills, open heath sprinkled with vivid wildflowers, mangroves, forests of banksia and scribbly gum, obscure blackbutt timberlands, rainforests with transcending trees, and serene lakes and conduits.


Why Should you visit Great Sandy National Park?

The ocean side sanctuary of Noosa, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, lies two hours north of Brisbane. It is has been a well-known occasion goal since the 1800s and keeps on being a firm most loved with swashbucklers, retirees, explorers, and families, a large number of whom return on numerous occasions. Noosa is a little, a generally calm township with National Parks and Reserves coating its limits and a waterway going through it, bolstered by the pools of the Great Sandy National Park. The shoreline clears in an extraordinary circular segment from Noosa National Park on the headland directly around to the tip of Fraser Island.
The nearly immaculate primary seashore draws surfers, sunbathers, and human watchers to its perfectly clear waters and fine brilliant sand, and in behind the portion of lodgings and eateries along the beachfront, you’ll discover incredible shopping on Hastings Street. Superficially, Noosa appears some other oceanside town, yet there is quite a lot more to this dazzling locale than the sun, ocean, and sand. Protection and maintainable the travel industry goals are instilled in the network and business life. Activity bunches guarantee advancement is limited, natural life is thought about and the executive’s programs are set up to assistance ensure this superbly differing condition. Added to that some truly great spots to eat and you can perceive any reason why individuals hold returning for additional.


Things to do

There are many things to do in the Great Sandy National Park where are many things to do such as discussing below easily to understand for yourself.


Teewah Beach

With 40km of open seashore reasonable for 4WD vehicles just, this is a well-known zone for outdoors, swimming, and angling. There are two outdoors territories here the Teewah Beach outdoors territory and Freshwater outdoors and day-use zones. The base of the headland called Double Island Point can likewise be gotten to from here. Commander Cook named the headland Double Island Point in light of the fact that from out adrift it seemed, by all accounts, to be two separate islands.


Freshwater Road

Freshwater Road is a harsh, 19km sand track appropriate for 4WD just from Bymien. The track goes through a portion of Cooloola’s different plant networks – seaside rainforest, tall blackbutt timberland, scribbly gum forest, and beachfront banksia networks.

The track proceeds to the Freshwater outdoors zone and day-use territory and finishes 500m further at Teewah Beach. 2WD vehicles can get to the principal 3km of the track off Rainbow Beach Road to a little rainforest fix encompassing the Bymien cookout territory. This is a cool, concealed spot with data presentations, toilets and tables and a short stroll among a portion of the territory’s best agent rainforest species.

Kings Bore circuit track

This is an 18km single direction track that takes about an hour to cross. The track is harsh in areas and is reasonable for high leeway 4WD vehicles as it were. Access is off Rainbow Beach Road north of Cooloola Way. The last area onto Teewah Beach Kings Bore Road is steep and single direction as it were.

This 40km circuit drive, some portion of Cooloola’s fire the board gets to trail organize, is come to by taking the northern branch off Kings Bore Road. Alert Visitors ought to act naturally adequate and convey vehicle recuperation gear on this remote, unsigned track. Peruse the guide cautiously and verify conditions before heading as these paths might be shut because of out of control fires in the recreation center.


Cooloola Way

This 32km of earth and sand street associates Rainbow Beach Road and the Kin-Wolvi Road. It goes through Cooloola’s western waterway catchment, a low region of wet heath plain, involving divider that blooms productively in spring, and taller timberlands with picturesque perspectives east over the Cooloola sand mass. The track approaches focus on parts of the 49.7km Cooloola Wilderness Trail a great stroll in spring.


Harry’s Hut Road

This 10km street is a harsh sand track that can be flood-harmed with potholes and wastes of time. It is appropriate for high leeway 4WD vehicles as they were. The track twists through open scribbly gum forests, blended eucalypt open timberlands, rainforest, and melaleuca forests on low riverine floodplains. It closes at Harry’s exploring nature and day-use territory on the bank of the upper Noosa River.


Poverty Point Road

This 6.3km unpleasant, sandy track is reasonable for 4WD vehicles with high freedom as it were. Expect some significant lots of profound free sand with certain areas getting immersed after substantial precipitation. The mood killer to the Poverty Point outdoors region is off the Rainbow Beach Road.


Canoeing and Boating along Noosa River

In spite of the fact that there are numerous 4WD tracks to post focuses and outing grounds, the most ideal approach to see the Cooloola segment of Great Sandy National Park is by vessel or kayak along the various tributaries of the Noosa River. A mainstream movement is to voyage the Everglades shaped by the Noosa River and tributary rivulets. Vessels can be procured from Tewantin and Noosa, Boreen Point and Elanda Point on Lake Cootharaba, and from Gagaju.


The Beaches

Gracious, the water! Envision being utilized to nippy Irish waters, at that point when you move to Melbourne, Australia, just to find colder waters, at that point, you visit Queensland and an entirely different seashore world is uncovered. Fine sandy seashores, warm water genuinely warm water, surfing, swimming, and daylight regularly. why I’m not living in Noosa Remind me again?


Proximity to Fraser Island

It would be a crying disgrace to go right to Noosa and not cause the outing to close by To Fraser Island. Some portion of the Great Sandy National Park, Fraser Island is the world’s biggest sand island. Here, you can encounter the rush of driving along a sand parkway, trek through antiquated rainforests, see dingoes in the wild and watch whales skip off the coast.

On the off chance that time is short, the most ideal approach to see the island is on a guided day trip, however, there are spots to remain on the island, including lodgings, lofts, and campgrounds, in the event that you need an increasingly personal encounter of this astonishing piece of the world.


Food & Culture

Considering the size of Noosa they have a veritable buffet of eateries to look over with regards to feasting out, and even the top-end foundations are shockingly youngster agreeable. We ate at Ricky’s Bar and Restaurant in Noosa Heads and had a magnificent encounter, with extraordinary tips from the server and sommelier on our decisions of nourishment and wine.

Having a kids’ performer on Sundays is an extra flash of brilliance for guardians needing a brief period out. Gaston on Hastings Street is occupied however offers astounding nourishment at sensible costs, and Noosa Boathouse on Gympie Terrace is the ideal spot for a light lunch or sundowners neglecting the water. In case you’re searching for something somewhat extraordinary, head to Halse Lodge roosted on the slope behind Noosa seashore. This completely reestablished 1880’s recorded structure has been working as a coastline guesthouse since the late nineteenth century. It is currently a YHA hiker however has a magnificent outside eatery open to the general population, packed with pixie lights and sea sees.


Best Restaurant Near Great Sandy National Park

  • Isles Lane
  • Arcobaleno on the Beach
  • Rainbow Beach Fruit and Takeaway
  • Cafe Jilarty at Rainbow
  • Brent’s Burgers
  • Rainbow Beach Sports Club
  • Rainbow Beach Surf Life Saving Supporter’s Club Restaurant
  • Eds beach bakery rainbow beach
  • Creme de la Creme
  • Rainbow Beach Hotel
  • The Pavilion Restaurant & Bar
  • Frying Fish Cafe
  • Royal Palace Indian Cuisine
  • Banana Bean Cafe Rainbow Beach
  • The Deck @ Sea Salt
  • Somewhere Over Coffee
  • Food Sans Borders
  • SoulFood
  • Sea Salt at Rainbow
  • Ocean Breeze Seafoods
  • Rainbow Beach Pizza & Grill
  • Waterview Bistro
  • Coffee Rocks
  • The Coloured Sands Cafe
  • Rainbow Woks
  • Latitude 25 Bar & Grill

Getting Around Great Sandy National Park 

Your Greyhound transport to Rainbow Beach will drop you at Spectrum Street, among Fraser and Dingo Backpackers. You’ll before long find that Rainbow Beach is an incredible town to investigate by walking, with a charming subtropical atmosphere, shocking view, and most shops and luxuries in a single focal area on Rainbow Beach Road. The hued sands are a 2km stroll from the Rainbow Beach Surf Club and are definitely justified even despite the walk, while the Carlo Sand Blow can be gotten to by means of a 600m strolling track along the precipices at the southern finish of Cooloola Drive.

Rainbow Beach doesn’t have an open vehicle organize, in spite of the fact that taxis can be reserved through the Rainbow Beach Taxi Service. To visit attractions that are farther from town, similar to the Double Island Point Lighthouse, head to the Rainbow Beach Tourist Center to orchestrate a visit or to procure a vehicle. Remember, any vehicle you contract should be a 4WD in the event that you plan on driving on the seashore or going to Fraser Island. Then again, you can take a guided voyage through Fraser Island from Rainbow Beach and let another person do the driving!


Hotel Near  Great Sandy National Park 

  • Freedom Hostels Rainbow Beach
  • Rainbow Beach Accommodation
  • Freedom Hostels Rainbow Beach
  • Rainbow Sea Resort
  • Rainbow Beach Holiday Park
  • Sandy Feet Beach House
  • Surfside Beach Houses Rainbow Beach
  • Plantation Resort at Rainbow
  • Rainbow Beach Resort
  • Rainbow Ocean Palms Resort
  • The GreenHouse
  • Rainbow Sands Resort
  • Tin Can Bay’s Sleepy Lagoon Motel
  • Palmgrove
  • Marina Villas Tin Can Bay
  • Tin Can Bay Tourist Park
  • Rainbow Getaway Holiday Apartments
  • Kingfisher Caravan Park
  • Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping
  • Dees Retreat
  • Dolphin Waters Tin Can Bay
  • Pippies Beachhouse Backpackers
  • 17 King Street
  • Tin Can Bay Motel
  • Tin Can Bay Marina
  • 77Cooloola Accommodation
  • Sandcastle Motel Tin Can Bay.
  • Dingos Fraser Island 4WD Tours



My Travel Experience

The Great Sandy National Park is a beachfront national park and incorporates the two pieces of terrain Queensland and Fraser Island, the world’s biggest sand island. On the territory. the stream extends from Rainbow Beach to Noosa Heads, its eastern outskirt one long whole tropical seashore heaven. Noosa Heads in the south is a well-known occasion goal for Australians and inns get caught up with during the pinnacle season. Inland in case you’re searching for a more nature-based occasion, the Cooloola Wilderness Trail has open doors for genuine hedge outdoors at the Neebs and Wandi waterholes. The Fraser Island area is isolated from the territory by a shallow sand reef which can be crossed by canal boat. The island has an unimaginable stretch of white seashore running solid down its eastern coast while the inside is home to impossible rainforests, grand freshwater lakes, and momentous ridges.


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