Lisbon tourist guide, The best Portugal Lisbon Travel Guide

Lisbon tourist guide, The best Portugal Lisbon Travel Guide

Lisbon tourist guide helps you to get the best information of Lisbon where you will the best hotels near Lisbon, best things to do Lisbon, the beauty of Lisbon, the actual location of Lisbon, the experience of Lisbon Traveling from individuals.

To make you clear about the actual data of Lisbon, This is the perfect article for you. We are trying to you more real & genuine data of Lisbon. Our aim is to satisfy you. So Read the entire article and make you understand clearly about the Lisbon city of Portugal which is one of the most popular cities in the world.


Beauty of Lisbon

For being the seven hills of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon gets the most visitor with the viewpoints aplenty. From the different landscape wandering of Lisbon tourist guide which is the secluded courtyards medieval quarters. The entire city of Lisbon is most sought out capturing the perfect image of Lisbon.

Lisbon is not only perfect for natural beauty or artificial beauty but also perfect for the different shopping mall.  It is well known Portuguese capital from your feet. The Lisbon vibrant city which is more colorful attraction which is also sunny disposition. Lisbon is introduced as the most beautiful cities which are near the mouth of the River Tagus, which is a place of inextricably linked with Lisbon sea.


Best time to visit Lisbon

The best time to visit Lisbon is marching to October when most of the city is crowds free.  And opportunity of this time is to get and pay the most of the hotels for a cheaper rate. Then the weather is warmer than Summer. The perfect time to visit Lisbon is Winters which are warm for Europe which is considered from Lisbon tourist guide.


Location of Lisbon tourist guide

The actual location of Lisbon is located in Portugal’s hilly which is situated in the coastal capital city. Lisbon is the city which is old colored buildings, Tagus Estuary & ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge. The city of Lisbon is located in 38.72 latitudes which are situated at an elevation of 45 meters which are located above sea level which is recommended by the Lisbon tourist guide.

Lisbon is situated in the metro portion area coverage with great opportunity. To make your easy journey, You can follow google map to get your best journey with love. To make your best destination to Lisbon trip. So plan to visit & follow our instructions for Lisbon tourist guide.


Most visited Park in Lisbon

  • London Square Garden
  • Dog Park
  • Cael rent car
  • Parque infantil
  • Bela vista
  • Parque das Nações
  • Jardim da Estrela
  • Jardim do Torel
  • Water Garden
  • Lisboa Camping
  • Water Gardens
  • Jokey
  • Parc Eduardo VII
  • Principe Real garden
  • PARK
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best things to do In Lisbon

Best Things to do Lisbon tourist guide

There are several things to do in Lisbon from our Lisbon tourist guide. Such as, Eminent for its warm and bright demeanor. The city honored and an abundance of noteworthy landmarks and world-class galleries and a large group of different astonishing activities. You can investigate the restricted lanes of the old quarter, walk the riverbank promenade, or meander through verdant stops and gardens. Truth be told, appreciate Lisbon like local people do, at a simple and unhurried pace, and you’ll rapidly succumb to its inviting character and bewildering charm. We have listed in the below to make you more clear.


Day Trip to Sintra

Day Trip to Sintra is a romantic town of Sintra where needs the direct rail journey 40 minutes. The most attractive canvas is the historic old town as a delightful configuration of colorful. In the summer, there were various kings & Queens of Portugal where Sintra is deserving of its world heritage site status for a majestic appeal.


Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga introduced as a National Museum of Ancient Art and one of great cultural attraction. The Tourist consultant says and a must see the place for any tourist itinerary.  This is the also greatest collection of the national gallery of Portuguese. Equally important 15th and 16th-century paintings in the Portuguese country. The Saint Albert Carmelite Monastery was virtually destroyed in the 1755 earthquake. The extension with the permanent collection requires a good two hours of our time.


Museu do Oriente

Museu do Oriente situated near Alcântara which is the housing of fabulous collection of oriental art which built up by the influentials. There are different traces which are the cultural and trade links with Portugal and India, Japan, Myanmar, & Macau. The greatest attention is the Orient Museum which is a couple of hours.


Torre de Belém

Torre de Belém is a historical monument of Portuguese and well known as Belém Tower squats in the shallows near the mouth of the River Tagus as a symbol of Portugal’s extraordinary Age of Discovery in the 16th century. The royal coat of arms of manual which placed above the top floor tower terrace.


Museu Nacional do Azulejo

Museu Nacional do Azulejo locates in the tourist trail east of the city center which is the National Tile Museum. In the 16th centuries. Passage to the historical center incorporates access to the sixteenth-century church of Madre de Deus. Here, guests blessed to receive a standout amongst the most excited and beautiful church insides anyplace in Portugal, a lavish Baroque exhibit of overlaid woodwork, gleaming seventeenth-century azulejos, and a staggering Rococo altarpiece.


Lisboa Story Centre

Lisboa Story Centre is the first place where you should hear if you are a new visitor or tourist in Lisbon. The family-accommodating office comprises of six zones organized sequentially and each devoted to a specific period, or part, in the city’s history. Sharp utilization of sight and sound applications breathes life into each zone with certain territories taking after film sets.


Elevador de Santa Justa

Elevador de Santa Justa is located in the Lisbon’s Baixa district which is odd looking Santa Justa Lift as a neo-Gothic elevator and it  iron casing and war vessel dim paint summon pictures of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and there means an association: the French designer Raoul Mésnier du Ponsard, an understudy of Gustave Eiffel, planned the lift, which initiated in 1901. This is a really amazing place in Lisbon.


Padrão dos Descobrimentos

Padrão dos Descobrimentos is an enormous monolith which is the leans over the river of Tagus to resemble the prow of Caravel. Sunk into the esplanade beneath refers a colossal asphalt compass, a monster mosaic guide of the world that graphs the areas and dates. It’s one of Lisbon’s increasingly uncommon photograph openings.


Arco da Rua Augusta

Arco da Rua Augusta is an impressive enough seen from the ground. The landmarks of Arco da Rua Augusta lies in the 19 centuries at the northern edge of the concourse near the southern tip of Rua Augusta. It is as of late that the open permit to visit the highest point of the curve with a figurative statue of Glory, itself delegated figures speaking to Bravery and Genius and beautified with wreaths. Beneath this, an entablature bolsters extra statues of national legends including Vasco da Gama and the Marquês de Pombal.


Oceanário de Lisboa

Lisbon Oceanário de Lisboa is one of the finest aquariums which called the largest in the world. This designed by Peter Chermayef. The most well-known place of this area is Parque das Nações which is including dozens of different species bird. The extraordinary species housed in smaller aquaria which is similar to Sea Dragon.


Others Top things to do in Lisbon

  • Igreja-Museu São Roque
  • Núcleo Arqueológico
  • Museu Bordalo Pinheiro
  • Palácio dos Marqueses de Fronteira
  • Mãe d’Agua das Amoreiras
  • Igreja do Carmo
  • Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
  • Basílica da Estrela
  • Castelo de São Jorge
  • Oceanário de Lisboa


Where to Stay in Lisbon

The main attractions of Lisbon are concentrated close to its compact old center which is with the Rossio at its heart. There are various places & hotels to stay in Lisbon. For making you easy to get the best hotels, Lisbon tourist guide has listed the top quality services hotels in the below. So choose your hotels & enjoy your Lisbon trip.


Top ten Hotels near Lisbon

  • Corinthia Hotel Lisbon
  • Hotel Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade
  • Avenida Palace
  • EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel
  • LX Boutique Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Lisbon
  • Olissippo Lapa Palace Hotel
  • Jupiter Lisboa Hotel
  • Altis Grand Hotel
  • TRYP Lisboa Aeroporto

Getting Around Lisbon tourist guide

You can get the best way to get around Lisbon. From the various choice of various people, Some people like to get around by walking to explore more. For public transport, There are various services which are suggested by Lisbon tourist guide, these are metro, trams, buses & trains. If you want to get around by train, you must have a reusable Viva Viagem card. There is also the service of Taxi online. the MyTaxi app which helps you better to make sure your Lisbon destination from the honest & friendly driver And There are also several airplane mode services from abroad people who like to visit Lisbon ever.

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Getting Around Lisbon tourist guide

Most Popular Restaurants Near Lisbon

  • Alma
  • Leo Restaurant
  • Zenith
  • Lisboa Tu e Eu
  • Kanazawa
  • Boi-Cavalo
  • Prado
  • A Travessa
  • Varanda Restaurant
  • Casanova
  • Local
  • Augusto Lisboa
  • Ramiro
  • Cantinho Lusitano
  • Santelmo
  • Sommelier Lisbon
  • Loco
  • Sacramento do Chiado
  • Come Prima
  • Peixaria da Esquina
  • Carmo
  • Solar dos Presuntos
  • Via Graça
  • Bonsai
  • Pharmacia
  • Belcanto
  • Needle in a haystack
  • PSI
  • Eleven
  • Panorama Bar
  • A Venda Lusitana
  • Jam Club
  • Bangla
  • Frade dos Mares


Personal Experience of Mine

I have done the Lisbon destination in December 2017. From my personal view of Lisbon, and It highlights which is a more colorful city. It considered that the greatest design in Lisbon is really Amazing. Lisbon is very much friendly place where it’s easy to feel certain undercurrent. We love to do Lisbon tourist guide.  The experienced of mine is very memorable with my sweet family. If you ever visit Lisbon, You will miss next life to visit Again this Lisbon city.



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  1. Agree with the speech the main attractions of Lisbon are concentrated close to its compact old center which is with the Rossio at its heart. I enjoyed much here.

  2. Miguel made our first excursion to Portugal exciting and instructive, going through two days with us in Lisbon and Evora. He had the option to suit changes in the agenda dependent on climate and the wants of the gathering. The trek to Evora was remarkable, visiting the Chapel of the Bones, plug forests, and Roman remnants. I profoundly suggest him as a guide.

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