Tierra del Fuego National Park, planning a trip to argentina

Tierra del Fuego National Park, planning a trip to argentina

Tierra del Fuego National Park is an active beauty of Argentina. If you are planning a trip to Argentina, This article is the best for you, where you can get all the things together such as best hotels, restaurants & travel agency with the best complete travel guide.


The beauty of Tierra del Fuego National Park

Tierra del Fuego National Park is exactly unmeasurable beauty. The southernmost extreme of the Americas, this windswept archipelago is as alluring as it is mood by turns beautiful, ancient and strange. Travelers who first came for the ends-of-the-earth novelty discover a destination that’s far more complex than a mere source of bragging rights. Intrigue remains in a past storied with shipwrecks, native peoples and failed missions. In Tierra del Fuego, nature is writ bold and reckless, from the scoured plains, rusted peat bogs and mossy lenga forests to the snowy ranges above the Beagle Channel.


The climate of Tierra del Fuego National Park

The average annual rainfall of Tierra del Fuego National Park is 700 mm which is at its highest in March, April, and May. There is no dry season in the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Temperatures average at about 0ºC in winter and 10ºC in the summer.


History Tierra del Fuego National Park

The first humans occupied Tierra del Fuego National Park 10,000 years ago. The area covered by the national park was inhabited by the Yamana, who camped on its beaches and often traveled in canoes made of “lenga” to hunt sea mammals and collect shellfish. When settlers (initially missionaries) appeared in 1880, disease spread and the Yamana began to die out. By 2005 there was allegedly only one full-blooded native-speaking Yamana left, living on Isla Navarino.

The area of Tierra del Fuego National Park was given national park status in 1960. Nowadays, the only evidence you will see of the former Yamana inhabitants are piles of mussel shells overgrown with grass near the shore, indicating areas of Yamana settlement.


Location  of Tierra del Fuego National Park

Tierra del Fuego National Park stretches An area of 63,000 hectares from the Beagle Channel to the edges of Lago Kami at the southernmost point of Argentine Patagonia.

Tierra del Fuego National Park map

 Unfortunately, only a small section of Tierra del Fuego National Park is open to the public; the vast majority of its jagged peaks, glacial valleys and dense Patagonian forest of lenga beech and continue are inaccessible. The parts that can be explored are impressive and merit at least a day’s exploration.


Hotel near Tierra Del Fuego

  • Mil 810 Ushuaia Hotel
  • Las Lengas Hotel
  • Hotel Lennox
  • Hosteria Bella Vista
  • Patagonia Jarké
  • Hotel los Naranjos
  • The Hotel Mónaco
  • Hotel Mustapic
  • Yakush
  • Villa Brescia Hotel
  • Las Hayas Ushuaia Resort
  • Hotel Canal Beagle Automovil Club Argentino
  • Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa
  • Albatros Hotel
  • Altos Ushuaia Hotel & Restó
  • Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa
  • Mil 810 Ushuaia Hotel
  • Las Lehengas Hotel


Best time to go Tierra del Fuego National Park

The Fuegian Archipelago is within the Subantarctic Zone. Its cool climate is dominated by the prevailing southwesterly winds that sweep in off the South Pacific. These often gale-force winds can occur throughout the year but are strongest from the end of August to March (spring and summer).

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Tierra del Fuego has improved Transport links considerably which has become a popular destination for the discerning traveler. Unless you have come here to ski (the season runs from mid-June to mid-September), the best months to visit are October through April, before the southern winter closes in.


what to do in Tierra del Fuego

We have discussed the best guide of what to do in Tierra del Fuego Inside the park. there is plenty to do, such as hiking, camping, fishing, bird watching, and canoeing. To really get a sense of the park, walking along its many trails, totaling around 40km, is the best activity of what to do in Tierra del Fuego. Some popular trails are:

Pampa Alta Trail: Pampa Alta Trail is situated a 5km trail, taking you up a hill from Pampa Alta for great panoramic views.

Pipo River Waterfalls: an easy 300m (one way) walk that goes along the Pipo river to the waterfalls.

Coastal Path: 8km trail bordering the Beagle Channel. Ideal for spotting marine and coastal birds.

Lagoon Negra: a 1km walk to a peat bog, crossing over the Ovando River.

Paseo de la Isla: 1.5km walk crossing the Lapataia River through the Cormoranes archipelago.

The Lehengas Circuit: 2km (one way) walk for panoramic views of Lapataia Bay and Paseo del Tribal.

Casoterera: Casoterera is located near the park & have 200m stroll through a forest to see beavers and their work.

Milestone XXIV: This an easy 5km to the Hito XXIV – marker of the border between Argentina and Chile.

Guanaco Hill: it is situated 8km hike along the route to Milestone 24, but then ascends steeply. Demanding.

Pick up a map of the trails when you enter the park. All routes are well signposted and are easy to do independently without a guide. Should you wish to spend more time exploring a few of the trails, a good option is to camp in the park. Traveling Era has the only non-paid site, with facilities including showers and a restaurant confitería, La Cabaña del Bosque and Camping spots are located around the park that is free but without facilities. Campers are asked to be very careful with making fires and to leave the site exactly as they found it.


Restaurants Tierra del Fuego

  • Chez Manu
  • Kaur
  • La Sirena Y El Capitán
  • Isabel
  • Villaggio
  • Reinamora
  • Volver
  • Kaupe
  • La Mesita De Almanza
  • Shima Sushi
  • El Bambu
  • María Lola
  • Las Cotorras
  • Ramos Generales
  • El Viejo Marino
  • Paso Garibaldi
  • Taberna Del Viejo Lobo
  • Kalma
  • Bodegón Fueguino
  • Rincón Gourmet


Flora and fauna

The forests are a mixture of Patagonic and Altos Andes forest, and “lenga” covers mountain slopes from an altitude of 600 me. Guindo trees also occupy the wetter areas and some parts of the mountain slopes. On the guindos, you will often see large nodules with an orange fungus growing out of them: the parasitic “farolito chino”. The undergrowth consists mostly of mosses, ferns and prickly bushes like the “Calafate”.

There are 20 species of mammals, including the red fox, the guanaco, the otter and the Canadian beaver. Rabbits have also been introduced and the damage they have inflicted to some low-lying lake-side regions is clearly visible in places. Birds include the black-eyed albatross, the condor, the oystercatcher, the white cuaquene, the steam duck and the diving petrel.


Getting Around

Buses from Ushuaia to the entrance of the national park about 11-miles (18km) from the city. leave roughly every hour, Though it is recommended to depart early in the morning if you are planning on hiking in the park.

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Visitors must pay an entrance fee of $14 USD. Centro de Visitantes Alakush is located near the park which has exhibits about the natural and human history of the park.


Travel guide of Tierra del Fuego National Park

while travelers make their way to the far southern reaches of Argentina, chances are they’re heading into Tierra del Fuego National Park. There are several things such as a land of peat bogs, beech forests, glistening lakes, coastal national park protects the Andean-Patagonian forest, remote beaches, and snow-capped peaks ideal for outdoor adventures.

If you are planning a trip to Argentina and then you will get everything that we told here. Including stretches of Atlantic coast, lenga forests, ancient peat bogs, and several lakes, though only a small fraction of the park is open to the public of the Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego protects diverse Fuegian terrain. You can reach the park entrance by car or taxi but the best way to get there is on the Tren del Fin del Mundo, a steam-powered tourist train whose original function was to take convicts to fell trees in the outlying forests. The train departs from the Estación del Fin del Mundo, located 8km (5 miles) west of Ushuaia.

Several easy trails can be hiked inside the park. Look out for the brightly colored wildflowers that blanket the forest floor in season, “flag trees” that have been bent double by the incessant Patagonian winds, and red foxes. The best time of year to visit is late April and the fall brings out the colors of the trees.


Travel Agency

  • Argentina Travel Agency
  • Argentina Excepción
  • Freestyle Adventure Travel
  • Ibiza Travel
  • BCD Travel Argentina
  • Antarctica Travels
  • Chalten Travel
  • Qwerty Travel Argentina
  • BestDay Argentina
  • London Travel Agency
  • HI Travel
  • BestDay Argentina
  • Your Travel Plan

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  1. I took and excursion to the end of the world to the Parque Nacional. It had amazing sights to see! It had snowed the days before I arrived and the tour guide said we were lucky! It is not far from Ushuaia and takes you all the way where the route ends. She told us some people bike, drive, and even walk from Alaska. Amazing! Take this little journey!

  2. Our tour guide was Ezekiel and driver was Daniel, both were great very personable and helpful. We had three languages on the tour, English, Spanish and Japanese and he really handled it well. Great tour we hit all the scenic places and had fun doing it. The hikes were not difficult and the scenery was outstanding. Good value for the $ vs the ships tour. Mercedes van, it was first class. Enjoyed the small group tour.

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