Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh, Bangladesh capital Traveling- Best Travel Guide

Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh, Bangladesh capital Traveling- Best Travel Guide

Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh is the complete guide of visiting Dhaka Bangladesh where you will get how to get around, where to stay, what things to do, location of Dhaka Bangladesh, Beauty of Bangladesh and Best things to do in Dhaka Bangladesh, Travel Agency, Hotels & Restaurants.


Why Should you visit Dhaka Bangladesh?

Without doubt, Bangladesh is one of Asia’s undiscovered gems, but unfortunately, Bangladesh has gathered not the best reputation internationally. Bangladesh has yet to experience much tourism and is mostly un-touristed: a foreign face will excite a lot of attention and interest, almost always of a friendly and kindly nature. “Excuse me mam, your country?” was probably the words I heard spoken most to me on my trip. So Plan to visit Bangladesh to get the best enjoyment to Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh.


Beauty of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an Asian Country which is full of natural beauty. There are several Rivers, coasts and beaches, archaeological sites, religious places, hills, forests, waterfalls, tea gardens surround it. The other beauty is situated Sundarban, Historic Mosque in the city of Bagerhat, Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur are the three world heritage sites in Bangladesh among 1007. To Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh to observe the beauty of nature, a huge amount of domestic and foreign tourists visit the country and its tourist attraction sites. In 2012, around six-lakh (6 hundred thousand) tourists came to Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh to visit and enjoy its beauty.

From the various report of Bangladesh, The total contribution of tourism to GDP was 4.4%, 3.8% for employment and 1.5% to investors in 2013. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) tries to explore the tourism sector in Bangladesh under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism. From some limitations, Bangladesh is always tried to introduce itself as a tourist destination country. The Traveling Era tries to focus on the attractive tourist spots of Bangladesh and the contribution of tourism in the Bangladesh economy. The major concern of the writer of Asia Imran Ahmed who has written the factors by which Bangladesh can be one of the major tourist attractive countries in the world in the near future.


Know Before You Go Dhaka Bangladesh

My Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh was full of surprises which were all the more full of surprises because of the lack of information available online about travel in Bangladesh. There are much Travels to Dhaka Bangladesh were written several years ago, pre-2015 when already low international tourist numbers decreased. And of course, Bangladesh is a country where comes very little International traveler which not many foreign travelers make it to Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh Yet.


Top Restaurant in Dhaka

  • Lucknow Dhaka
  • Bar B Q Tonite
  • Sajna Restaurant, Dhaka
  • Picasso Restaurant
  • Pizza Guy
  • Kiyoshi
  • The Manhattan Fish Market
  • Chows
  • The Atrium Restaurant
  • Paturi
  • Bunka
  • Spitfire
  • Umai, Dhaka.
  • Bella Italia
  • Attain Arabian Restaurant
  • Tokyo Express
  • Xinxian Restaurant
  • BBQ
  • Xinxian Restaurant


What to do

In the several questions of Dhaka Bangladesh Traveling, you will find out the actual meaning of traveling. There are many things to do in Bangladesh. There are several Beautiful places which need to visit to get your best travel experience in Bangladesh. Now I am discussing the Best things to do travel to Dhaka Bangladesh.


Best Things to do in Bangladesh

There are many things to do in Bangladesh. The most things to do here are written in Traveling Era. I Have visited Dhaka several times in Bangladesh where I got the beauty of Asia. In the Greatest beauty of Bangladesh, Dhaka is one of the most popular places to visit. Dhaka is also the most popular city in the world. There is also a traffic problem. If you want to come visiting Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh You must have to Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh follow to get out of your room which may be in the morning to go your destination quickly without suffering traffic problem.


Visit Lalbagh Fort Masjid

Lalbagh Fort Masjid is the Dhaka’s most spectacular building which isn’t a religious structure. Instead of it’s Lalbagh Masjid a fort that was partially erected by the area’s Mughal rulers in the late 17th century before being deemed unlucky and abandoned for centuries. The defensive motive has gone and the fort is an oasis of restored architecture & beautifully tended gardens.

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If you can get to the site near daybreak or sunset, the rose-red stone used to Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh build the fort glimmers beautifully in the light. You should never do an impressive collection of Mughal paintings. The best ancient Beauty of Bangladesh is introduced as Lalbagh Fort Masjid.


Visit Dhakeshwari-Tempel

Dhakeshwari-Tempel is located just south of the city center which is officially designated as Bangladesh’s national Hindu center. Most of the current complex dates are back to the era of the British East India Company In the 12th century. While you do the trip of a tour, you can get acquainted with Lord Shiva, who presides over the site and take in one of the city’s most serene spaces. This place that has endured for centuries as a Hindu island in a mainly Muslim country, and one that continues to thrive today. The world Hindu visitor comes to Bangladesh to visit Dhakeshwari-Tempel.


Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque

Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque is a great Divine Dhaka Attraction. Visiting Lalbagh Fort by adding this gorgeous mosque is increasing the beauty to your day of sight-seeing. Khan Mohammad Mridha is also a 17th-century creation Just 500 meters away from the fort. Characterized by broad stairways and domed platforms, the mosque is clad with sculptures and decorative details, and it’s a delight to Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh explore. It’s also not a working mosque anymore, but it is protected by the Bangladeshi State, keeping this Islamic jewel in pristine condition. You can visit the nicest Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque where you will get the beauty.


Ahsan Manzil: Dhaka’s Pink Palace

The Ahsan Manzil is Dhaka in the 19th century which was both a royal capital and a center of the British Raj, so it’s not that surprising to Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh find a wealth of attractions from that period. Ahsan Manzil is among the truest must-see and beautiful of these. Built-in the 1860s of the prince, the palace is 125 meters long by the local Nawab and made from vivid pink stone, creating an unforgettable vista as you approach. The more including grandiose royal paintings, sensory delights inside, and even the skull of the building’s creator Abdul Ghani’s favorite elephant. If you ever visit Dhaka, You should visit Ahsan Manzil.


Dhaka’s Stellar Attraction

Location of Star Mosque is a few kilometers southeast of the downtown area in Armanitola, the Star Mosque is definitely worth an excursion. In the 19th century when bright white china tiles were all the rage. The famous mosque is for its star-shaped courtyard pool, as well as its stunning ‘chinitikri’ mosaics, which spread the star motif across the whole site. and Khan Mohammad Mridha is one of the Star Mosque presents another which is the more ornate side of Dhaka, and it’s definitely a visual treat. Star Mosque has explored the beauty of Dhaka Attraction. So plan to visit & earn the most favorite travel experience to Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh.


The other Popular place

  • Sonargaon
  • Shahid Minar
  • National Parliament House
  • Bangladesh National Museum
  • Sadarghat
  • Hatirjheel
  • Dhakeshwari Temple
  • New Market
  • Bangabandhu Memorial Museum
  • Liberation War Museum
  • Ramna Park
  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre
  • National Botanical Garden
  • Gulshan Lake Park
  • Dhaka Zoo
  • International Convention City Bashundhara
  • Baitul Mukarram Mosque
  • Nilket


Tour Itinerary  

Following English verbalizing guide at 8:00 radiate from Dhaka city zone inn, your first stop will be Baitul Mukarram Mosque-the national mosque of Bangladesh. Ahsan Manzil is an engaging visitor spot in Dhaka. It is a champion among the most basic fundamental legacies of Bangladesh. It is organized in Old Dhaka on the bank of the stream Buriganga. (Ahsan Manzil Closed Thursday). Next propagate including Mosque which is by and large called Tara Masjid, is a mosque masterminded in Armanitola locale, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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The mosque has unrestrained graphs and is thrilled with subjects of blue stars. It was worked in the primary segment of the nineteenth century by Mirza Golam Pir. The Mosque was done in 1968 and the Mosque has a state of repression of 30,000, giving it the reversible position of being the tenth most prominent Mosque on the planet. Go to Sadarghat channel front.


Ancient Beauty of Dhaka Bangladesh

By then continue for Nawab (King’s) Palace which is for the most part called Ahsan Manzil or Pink Palace. Next, you scramble toward Armenian Church. Armenian Church is masterminded at Armanitola in Old Dhaka, around 350m south of the Star Mosque. It is a truly central building notable point. The get together bears introduction to Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh the propinquity of a colossal Armenian gregarious request in the district in the seventeenth and eighteenth sundry years. Next, you’ll keep on Lalbagh Fort.

By then recognize Dhakeshwari Temple-The National Hindu Temple of Bangladesh. You’ll victual at a contiguous eatery before going to Curzon Hall, Shahid Minar, and National Parliament Building. At around 5:00 pm, you’ll get together back at your lodging in Dhaka City where the visit will come full circle. Lalbagh has introduced an apportioned Mughal Palace post in the southwestern bit of the old city of Dhaka.

Ruler Muhammad Azam, the scion of Emperor Aurangzeb, started the alteration while he was filling in as the Viceroy of Bengal. Worked in seventeenth Century dated 1678. Standard charges are – Tomb of Pari Bibi, Lalbagh Mosque, Audience corridor and Hammam Khana (showering place) of Nawab Shaista Khan. Plan & Enjoy, Happy Traveling.

How to Get to Dhaka

The best flights of Bangladesh is started to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC) from most continents. The airport is 13 miles from central Dhaka and travelers can reach the city easily by train from Airport Railway Station directly opposite the terminal, and you can also take a tuk-tuk into town for around tk400.

From Kolkata, the Maitree Express is the direct train service to Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh the country’s only international rail service. The entire Kolkata journey to Dhaka takes just under 11 hours.

The most used route from India is via the Haridaspur/Benapole border crossing on the Kolkata to Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh highway. Travelers should be aware that visa and passport checks can take a considerable time.

Buses from Kolkata to Dhaka arrive at Gabtoli Bus Station. Take a taxi or auto-rickshaw from the station to Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh the center of the city.


Hotels Near Dhaka

  • Cozy Stay
  • Pinnacle Inn
  • Sky City Hotel Dhaka
  • Le Chateau
  • Platinum Residence
  • Hotel Plaza Inn
  • The Hotel 71
  • Hotel de Castle
  • Grand Dhaka Hotel
  • Century Park
  • White House Hotel
  • Holiday Xpress
  • Hotel Lake Castle


History of Bangladesh

Until 1947, Bangladesh was a dependent country which is to be part of India and was known as “East Bengal”. In 1947 when India gained independence from British colonial rule, the sub-continent was also partitioned into India and Pakistan, leading to the largest migration crisis in history.

In this British division of 1940, 14 million people became refugees as many Hindu families moved from Pakistan to India and Muslims from India to Pakistan. After independent Pakistan, Bangladesh was well known as “East Pakistan” and was governed from Islamabad in (West) Pakistan were something that was unpopular with many Bangladeshis. In 1971 Bangladesh fought Pakistan for independence and became the independent country of Bangladesh that it is today.


Money, language & Culture

The currency in Bangladesh is the Bangladeshi Taka. If you are abroad traveler. there are many exchange shops in the Sudder Street area of Kolkata that will be able to give you Taka in exchange for your Rupees. Officially it’s not available outside of Bangladesh. If you come by bus from India, you can exchange money at the border, although beware of touts! If you fly in, then get your Taka at the airport at an ATM or exchange counter.

The easiest to change USD into Taka at exchange shops are located in Bangladesh. Bangla (or Bengali) is the language of Bangladesh and is largely the same as the Bengali has spoken in India. To find the English Spoken people is in levels of spoken English in Bangladesh. English is spoken all over the world which is especially outside of cities, and announcements on transport, at stations, etc, are not in English. For the Bengali, the nation has own Culture own beauty own rules. So visit & understand the beauty after visiting Dhaka Bangladesh.


Travel experience

I have visited in Bangladesh If your interests collected from Facebook and the site’s own database and link you up with familiar minds using artificial intelligence. Or the greatest explanation, Let’s say you want to Travel to Dhaka Bangladesh go to Bandarban with 7 friends among whom 3 declined in the last moment.

Keeping per head budget intact, you need 3 others with your journey. In this situation Walk Bangladesh will search for other travelers who are traveling to Bandarban as well and link you up with them. And that’s not all, based on both parties’ interests in other crafts like music, politics and so on, the algorithm will link up the best match, so that your experience is enhanced.

Travel agency in BD

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  • Trust Tours and Travels
  • Amazing Tours
  • Asian Holidays Ltd.
  • Akashbari Holidays
  • Bangladesh Travel Agency
  • Holidays Bangladesh
  • Travel Edge BD
  • Irving Aviation
  • Bangladesh Vacation
  • Air Arabia
  • Universal Travel & Tours
  • Travel Ways Limited
  • Honeymoon Tours & Travels
  • Manpower Agency Bangladesh
  • zoo holiday
    Titanic Holidays
  • Amazing Holidays

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